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What is copy-editing?

Copy-editing involves:

  • checking grammar, punctuation and spelling.

  • watching out for factual errors

  • addressing issues with flow and ambiguity

  • applying or creating a house style

  • using Word’s Styles to mark up the text

  • ensuring that references are correctly formatted

Please note that for dissertations and theses, I do not check errors or facts.

What non-fiction areas do I offer copy-editing in?

I offer copy-editing:

  • on dissertations and theses in all areas.

  • on academic writing for journals and books in humanities, but especially in the areas of feminism, theology and religion.

  • to self-publishing writers.

  • to charities or NGOs working in the areas of human rights, animal rights and environmentalism (special costings may apply here).

  • in bodywork fields such as yoga, Feldenkrais, shiatsu, etc.

  • to people with English as a second language. I have a long experience of working with people who have English as a second language. I taught ESOL in Japan, Germany and the UK for about 14 years and hold the Trinity certificate in TESOL. 

Why me?

  • I have a BA(Hons) in Philosophy from the University of London and an MA in Religious Studies from the University of Lancaster. 

  • In 1999 I moved to Japan and became involved with a number of groups in the areas of feminism, theology, ecumenicalism, women’s rights and social justice. 

  • I edited the English language proceedings of the Center for Feminism and Ministry in Japan from 2009 to 2019, working closely with its founders Dr Satoko Yamaguchi and Dr Hisako Kinukawa. 

  • I founded and facilitated the Feminist Theology Circle which sought to bring together Japanese and English-speaking feminists and theologians, hosting meetings with Leonard Swidler, Carol Meyers and Kwok Pui-Lan.

  • I set up Just Trade, a company formed to promote Fair Trade products in Japan, through talks and articles. I spoke in several major universities including Sophia University and the International Christian University and wrote for a number of publications including Japan Student Times.

  • I have practiced yoga since the age of 15 and in 2007 began teaching it at Shizen Yoga Studio. I also taught classes for Kalakasan, a charity who work with migrant women in Japan, and at the Women’s Conference, an annual religious conference held just outside Tokyo.

What will it cost?

I charge per word. The charge will depend on the material and will range from £8 to £20 for every 1,000 words. 

I offer to edit a free sample of 1,000 words so you can see my editing style and so I can see your writing style and assess how much time the work will take and what it will involve.



Client 5

I have used Alison as an editor, both for my own academic work and my work as co-founder and co-director of the Centre for Feminist Theology and Ministry in Japan, for around thirteen years now. She has excellent attention to detail and is considerate and conscientious in her work. I have no hesitation in recommending her. 

Satoko Yamaguchi, author of 'Martha and Mary: Women in the World of Jesus’ (Orbis 2002) and ‘Rainbows Among Us: Toward Justice for Sexuality and Life’ (forthcoming)

Client 6

I’ve been working through it [the manuscript for the self-published non-fiction book, ‘Grounding’] and have reached page 32 and I must say I feel so respected as an author in the way you have offered notes. I feel supported and understood, which is quite a gift when on this journey – there can be so many niggles of self-doubt.

So far, I love all the work you have done! It all makes sense and I feel levels up the work I have put in.

Thank you sincerely :) 

Tegan Rein, founder of the Nourish Your Soul Movement and author of ‘Grounding’

Client 4

The Center for Feminist Theology and Ministry in Japan, whose co-founder and co-director I was, regularly published English editions of its newsletters for almost 20 years. Alison Gray was our precious editor of the English versions, which were put on our website for public access. She was not only an excellent editor, but also very helpful in dealing with the subject matter, as she is well acquainted with feminist theologies and has experienced Japanese life and culture. I highly value her editing skill, founded on her scholarly knowledge and wisdom.

Hisako Kinukawa, author of ‘Women and Jesus in Mark’ (Orbis 1994) 

Client 1

Alison copy-edited my academic manuscript. She refined its language, paying meticulous attention to words, sentence construction and tone without tampering with its content. She improved my prose to make it less wordy and more accessible to read. In doing so, she helped me become a better writer. Her feedback was timely, and we worked together to ensure I met my deadline. Writing can be daunting; having Alison as my copy-editor gave me confidence to keep writing.

Neemah Ahamed, PhD candidate